Tanyamama was established in 2010 by owner Tanya Tansaringkan. She converted a townhome building into open loft style, and with her passion for cooking stated a new restaurant. She learned to cook and to experiment with recipes during her time living in London where she studied art and fashion at University of the Arts London.

From unusual combinations of foods and cooking styles, she created recipes with surprising and unique new tastes. Many of the new recipes were born from unintended coincidences. The unexpected mixing of flavors have led to some incredible examples of fusion cuisine.

Tanyamama restaurant was designed for the people who live in the city with a modern healthy lifestyle and who have a sophisticated aesthetic about the taste of food. The restaurant specializes in both Thai and French cuisine, and in the variety of complimentary flavors on fusion recipes. In our menu, the taste of every dishes starts from classical tradition and adds the perfect mix of new flavors.